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More Effective FCC Light Cycle Oil Creation

Sep 20, 2016

By Ralph Laurel

Hey guys, have you heard diesel is worth more than gasoline?! Let’s drop riser top temperature on our FCC!

Make Money with Amine Units

Apr 11, 2016

By Process Pro Eric

Tips on how Amine Unit optimization can improve refinery profitability.

Improving Process Monitoring

Mar 07, 2016

By Patrick the Process Engineer

Process Unit monitoring is as much art as it is science.

Refinery Alkylation Basics

Feb 08, 2016

By Process Pro Eric

Breaking down some reaction fundamentals in Refinery Alkylation.

Better Desalting for a More Challenged Refinery

Sep 28, 2015

By Steve Pagani

Desalters provides a very critical service for your refinery, and requires careful monitoring and regular optimization.

Improving Heat Exchanger Monitoring

Sep 01, 2015

By Steve Pagani

Heat exchanger monitoring is critical to reducing operating costs and maximizing refinery yields.

Gasoline Machines in a Diesel Ruled World

Jun 14, 2015

By Ralph Laurel

Tips on FCC process optimization in a distillate driven world.

FCC Catalyst Selection Considerations

Mar 16, 2015

By Miles Hoyer

Insightful tips for your next FCC catalyst selection endeavor.

Mitigating Hydroprocessing Reactor Fouling

Jun 16, 2014

By Process Pro Eric

Proven techniques to help manage high pressure drops in fixed bed hydroprocessing reactors.

Improving Cat Cracking Process Monitoring

Oct 26, 2013

By Ralph Laurel

Cat Cracking process monitoring is more than just trending the riser temperature. Improving Cat Cracking process monitoring involves understanding and improving the mass, heat, pressure, and yield balances for your Cat Cracker.

Mr. Distillation Returns with Distillation Troubleshooting

Jul 08, 2012

By Process Pro Eric

Distillation is a core refinery process that remains fundamental to economic operation. Successful job performance for process engineers and operators depends on quality distillation monitoring and troubleshooting.                                             
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