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The Follies of Refinery CBT Training

Jul 17, 2018

By Ralph Laurel

How to improve the quality of refinery computer based training.

Choosing the Right Crane for Your Projet

Feb 12, 2018

By Maxim Crane Works

Selecting the right crane for the job requires proper planning

Process Engineering Prioritization Challenges

Oct 17, 2016

By Org Coach Thomas

Operating modern day refineries require different technical organization design.

Transitioning Refinery Contractors to Partners

Nov 29, 2015

By Ralph Laurel

Give respect to refinery service vendors as they are a key linchpin to smooth operations.

Ethanol, Misunderstood and Underused

May 24, 2015

By Simon Jacques

An alternative perspective on the value and uses of ethanol fuel.

More Conflict Brewing in Iraqi Oil Refineries

May 18, 2015

By James Anders

Volatility in Iraq threatens refinery production.

Glimpse Towards the Economic Benefits of Enhanced Oil Recovery

Feb 10, 2015

By Praxis Global Research

Interview with Dr. Sola Kasim of Aberdeen Centre for Research in Energy Economics and Finance.

Damn You Budget!

Dec 30, 2014

By Ralph Laurel

I had to guess, I say you’ve been frustrated by a refinery budget or two during your time.

Knowledge Sharing of Improved Oil Recovery

Aug 10, 2014

By Jamie Walker

Supporting the industry through knowledge sharing of Improved Oil Recovery.

Shale Gas - Discovery, Cost and Impacts of Extraction

Apr 13, 2014

By Eve Pearce

How far can the impacts of fracking affect US housing markets?

The Burgeoning Bakken

Apr 06, 2014

By Hart Energy

Enjoy a great infographic on the Bakken play from Hart Energy 

Global Trends for Downstream Oil and Petrochemical

Sep 15, 2013

By Clarion Events

Petrochemical industries are built on reliable sources of quality feedstock and preferably close to abundant market demand.

How to Get the Most Out of a Conference?

Aug 24, 2013

By Euro Petroleum Consultants

People tend to underestimate the added value conferences bring to a business – learn 9 tips to get the most out of your next industry gathering.         

Time for Refinery Solomon Reporting….Again?!?

Jan 20, 2013

By Ralph Laurel

For such valuable data, refinery Solomon submissions end up creating a fair amount of controversy every time they come around. This article explores the reason for the fuss and explains what can be done to improve receptivity.  

Evil Oil Corporations or Responsible Corporate Citizens?

Oct 07, 2012

By Steve Pagani

There are many forgotten contributions that oil companies deliver. When factoring all of the pros and cons, can you consciously say that oil companies are purely evil?                   

Fuelling People’s Knowledge Through Learning About Refining

Sep 02, 2012

By Fuelling Europe's Future

Educating the public about the uses of oil goes beyond thinking solely of energy. Oil derived products touch our lives in more ways than you can imagine.     

Why the Solomon Index is Garbage

Mar 03, 2012

By Ralph Laurel

Many refiners spend an extraordinary amount of effort submitting input to and digesting results from Solomon surveys. Few companies truly know how leverage data, while others appear to be extracting little value.                             
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