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Oil Refinery Career Paths for Chemical Engineers

Sep 24, 2018

By Ralph Laurel

An outlay of potential career paths as an oil refiner.

Exploring Careers in Drilling and Mining

Nov 21, 2017

By Digital Third Coast

Comparison of career choices in Oil Drilling and Coal Mining.

7 Habits of Effective Refinery Leaders

Jan 23, 2017

By Ralph Laurel

Just being a supervisor or a manager doesn’t automatically make you a leader.

The Perils of Micro-Managing

Dec 12, 2016

By Steve Pagani

Why micro-managing is the worst style of leadership.

The Return of Rank and Yank

Oct 31, 2016

By Org Coach Thomas

A simple solution to improve workforce morale during this period of annual performance feedback.

Effective Interviewing of Oil Refinery Candidates

May 10, 2016

By Org Coach Thomas

Tips on how to find the right candidate to fit your refinery job vacancy.

Top 5 Refinery Management Regrets

Mar 28, 2016

By Ralph Laurel

Regretful opportunities from real refinery leadership members.

Work Life Balance - How Do You Rank at Home

Dec 21, 2015

By Ralph Laurel

In a competitive work environment many of us strive to achieve high performance rankings for our annual review. But to flip the question around, where would you rank if you got an evaluation at home?                     

Why Generation XYZ-ers Leave Oil Companies

Aug 17, 2014

By Tim the XYZer

A personal narrative of why fellow XYZ peers have left their jobs in their Oil Company.

Recruiting Tips for Oil Industry Recruiters

Jul 27, 2014

By Tim the XYZer

My perspective on what makes for a successful relationship between headhunters and their recruits.                                 

2014 Oil & Gas Workforce Trends

May 05, 2014


Infographic on 2014 Oil & Gas workforce trends from OGHR.co.uk

Does Your Oil Company Suffer from Forced Ranking Idiocy?

Mar 10, 2014

By Org Coach Thomas

We all need a way to value performance and identify talent, but this does not mean that your organization should deploy a “Forced Ranking” system blindly.                               

Where’s Management Accountability These Days?

Feb 10, 2014

By Org Coach Thomas

Large organizations that have frequent job rotations often have a hard time pinning accountability on managers for decisions that take years to materialize. How do we properly incentivize correct behaviors in these types of systems?                  

The Softer Skills Needed in the Oil and Gas Business

Oct 14, 2013

By Marcus Evans

Barbara Jinks, a speaker at the marcus evans Oil & Gas Summit 2013, on succeeding in the oil and gas business today.

Did Oil Companies Fumble their Hiring Strategy?

Aug 10, 2013

By Org Coach Thomas

Has your oil company taken advantage of the extended Boomer work period to hire and on-board new employees, or has it wasted the opportunity.    

Managing Upwards and Downwards (In Age)

Jul 29, 2013

By Steve Pagani

Tips on managing refinery employees who represent varying age demographics   

The Secret to Job Satisfaction as a Refiner

May 25, 2012

By Ralph Laurel

Sharing thoughts on what factors matter the most to me in having a rewarding career.        

Elevate Your Org Capability: Captivating the Neos

Feb 22, 2012

By Org Coach Thomas

Increase organization effectiveness by boosting young professional contributions. Achieve this without sacrificing quality and productivity.                        
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