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Middle East Retail & Downstream Conference - MRDC 2017

Mar 20, 2017

By Conference Connection

Inaugural Middle East Retail and Downstream Conference to be held in Dubai.

Middle East Petroleum & Gas Conference 2017

Mar 13, 2017

By Conference Connection

Middle East upstream and downstream oil and gas market leaders congregation.

3 Tips for Addressing High Temperature Hydrogen Attack

Feb 27, 2017

By Jeremiah Wooten of Inspectioneering

Three tips for addressing HTHA at your facility.

The Basics of Refinery Slop – Part 1

Feb 20, 2017

By Steve Pagani

Understanding slop creation and management can improve refinery profitability.

Redefining Gasoline RVP Giveaway

Feb 13, 2017

By Optimization Specialist Robert

You can still have a suboptimal gasoline blend even when RVP giveaway is zero. Are you measuring the right factors for blend optimization?

7 Habits of Effective Refinery Leaders

Jan 23, 2017

By Ralph Laurel

Just being a supervisor or a manager doesn’t automatically make you a leader.

Refinery Waterborne Shipping 101

Jan 09, 2017

By Miles Hoyer

A summary explanation of key Shipping basics that every refiner should know.

LP Results: Garbage In Equals Garbage Out

Dec 19, 2016

By Ralph Laurel

How to better use Refinery LP models to improve refinery optimization and profitability in your facility.

5 Steps to Properly Value Hydrogen at Your Refinery

Dec 05, 2016

By Optimization Specialist Robert

Hydrogen is one of the most valuable commodities at a refinery, but many do not know how to value it properly.

Do Not Snooze that Console Alarm

Nov 28, 2016

By Ralph Laurel

How to not let nuisance alarms desensitize your alarm awareness.

Top 10 Root Causes for Fixed Equipment Mechanical Integrity Failures - Part 2

Nov 14, 2016

By John Reynolds of Inspectioneering.com

The second article assessing the top ten reasons for FEMI failures leading to process safety incidents.

Where is Your FCC Riser Temperature Optimum?

Nov 09, 2016

By Optimization Specialist Robert

Highlighting the major factors involved when establishing your FCC Riser settings.
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