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What Jet Optimization Can Buy Your Refinery

Aug 28, 2017

By Optimization Specialist Robert

Key parameters to scrutinize when evaluating the jet production at any refinery.

Norm Lieberman Quick Crude Distillation Pro Tip

Jul 24, 2017

By Norm Lieberman

Key process monitoring tip for atmospheric crude distillation.

How Refiners Decide to Make Gasoline vs Distillates

Jul 10, 2017

By Optimization Specialist Robert

Exploring the different factors on when refineries transition between gasoline and distillate modes.

Improving Refinery Fuel Gas Composition

May 15, 2017

By Process Pro Eric

Basic principles to optimize refinery fuel gas systems.

Refinery Gasoline Benzene Optimization

May 01, 2017

By Optimization Specialist Robert

Understanding the value of benzene optimization in gasoline production can yield high value.

Learn how to profit, make, and optimize blending formulas

Apr 10, 2017

By Conference Connection

Refinery blending courses to increase fuel blending knowledge and execution excellence.

Middle East Retail & Downstream Conference - MRDC 2017

Mar 20, 2017

By Conference Connection

Inaugural Middle East Retail and Downstream Conference to be held in Dubai.

Middle East Petroleum & Gas Conference 2017

Mar 13, 2017

By Conference Connection

Middle East upstream and downstream oil and gas market leaders congregation.

3 Tips for Addressing High Temperature Hydrogen Attack

Feb 27, 2017

By Jeremiah Wooten of Inspectioneering

Three tips for addressing HTHA at your facility.

The Basics of Refinery Slop – Part 1

Feb 20, 2017

By Steve Pagani

Understanding slop creation and management can improve refinery profitability.

Redefining Gasoline RVP Giveaway

Feb 13, 2017

By Optimization Specialist Robert

You can still have a suboptimal gasoline blend even when RVP giveaway is zero. Are you measuring the right factors for blend optimization?

7 Habits of Effective Refinery Leaders

Jan 23, 2017

By Ralph Laurel

Just being a supervisor or a manager doesn’t automatically make you a leader.
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