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Safety & Environment

6 Tips to Identify Refinery Risks

Nov 07, 2017

By Steve Pagani

Tips to help refinery organization successfully and efficiently identify personnel and process risks.

Do Safety Programs Actually Make a Refinery Safer?

Aug 22, 2016

By Steve Pagani

Defining the proper way to build safety culture in refineries has evolved over the years. Where is your refinery on that curve?

The Banana Peels of Refinery Safety

Feb 29, 2016

By Steve Pagani

A simple but important plead to not lose focus on the dangers surrounding refinery operations.

Safety Conversations We’re too Afraid to Have

Dec 06, 2015

By Ralph Laurel

Enrolling refinery workers in a genuine safety culture requires true conviction and sustained action.

Smart Incident Investigations

Oct 26, 2015

By Steve Pagani

Here are some tips on conducting smart investigations for oil refinery incidents.

The Slippery Slopes of Refinery Safety

Oct 04, 2015

By Steve Pagani

The activities that we take for granted often cause the most safety incidents.

How Messaging Matters for Refinery Safety

Jun 07, 2015

By Steve Pagani

Does your refinery management struggle with communicating safety expectations?

Tips for Meeting OSHA Safety Regulations in 2015

Mar 30, 2015

By Safety Company

Tips for reducing workplace injuries in Oil & Gas.

Can Oil Refineries Fix Stupid?

Sep 07, 2014

By Steve Pagani

Improve refinery safety performance by establishing the proper leadership culture.

The Environmental Paradox for Savvy Refiners

Mar 03, 2014

By Process Pro Eric

As a process engineer, where do you draw the line between environmental responsibility and company profitability?

What’s all the Fuss with RFS and RINs?

Jul 07, 2013

By Market Analyst Dan

A quick 20 question Q&A that will simplify RFS and RINs for those wondering about all the hype.   

Importance of Safety to Industry Service Providers

Jun 24, 2013

By Marcus Evans

Interview with Founder of Thomas Industrial Coatings Inc. on preventing disasters by making safety a top priority.    

Dissecting BP Texas City – 8 Years Later

Mar 30, 2013

By Ralph Laurel

“Learning from the past means recognizing mistakes, resolving them to the best of your ability, and consciously deciding not to repeat them.”   

Protect Your ASSets!

Dec 23, 2012

By LCG Safeguard Industries

The threat of catastrophic events is greater than ever and demonstrated daily. At-risk structures need superior defense to protect human assets, property, critical infrastructure, and maintain business continuity.    

Oil Industry Technology Fails to Spot Sparse Oil Pipeline Spills

Sep 29, 2012

By Eve Harrison

Insightful overview of oil pipeline spill vulnerabilities and why opponents of new pipeline builds are worried.      

Managing Abnormal Refinery Operations

Aug 21, 2012

By Ralph Laurel

Understanding the risk inherent in any abnormal situation makes the difference in managing a safe and reliable refinery.              

A New Trend…Top University Advocates Sitting While Working

Apr 22, 2012

By Allison Flice

New research has indicated that Sit-Stand workstations do not carry the benefits once believed. Should your oil company ergo group continue to advocate this equipment?                     
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