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Protect Your ASSets!

By LCG Safeguard Industries

Dec 23, 2012

The threat of catastrophic events is greater than ever and demonstrated daily. At-risk structures need superior defense to protect human assets, property, critical infrastructure, and maintain business continuity.    


The moment a company loses focus on the importance of their employees and are concerned more about the bottom line, is the moment they have decided to stay a “Good” company rather than becoming a “Great” one.  If you have read the book than you picked up on the reference.


The US government wanted a product designed to help keep our troops more protected from IED’s (Improvised Explosive Devise), Road Side Bombs, Mortar Rounds etc. 

This product was developed and has been installed in multiple overseas locations on existing US buildings that house our troops, civilians, control areas and much more.  This product from its conception was


protected by ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulation), thus meaning it was completely top secret…UNTIL NOW!  Thus the reason for bringing it to the private sector.


LCG, X-Flex is a carbon reinforced “Wallpaper” designed specifically to keep exterior envelopes together during catastrophic explosions.  The product is installed allowing a “Flex” in the membrane that absorbs the shock as well as preventing the incenararies or shockwaves to pass through the material.  LCG, X-Flex mitigates direct and collateral damage thus safeguarding your occupants and assets within these said structures.



This is exactly why an undisclosed oil refinery in the US wanted it installed immediately! 

They decided it was more important to protect their people and assets then it was to leave themselves vulnerable to extensive downtime and potential loss of life. 

Let’s say that the average control room is 10,000 sq ft, which is approximately 4,000 sq ft of wall surface.  LCG can install this product at roughly $260,000.00 or $26 a sq ft per the foot print.

This is an extremely cost effective alternative assuming that there was a catastrophic event and the control room was not protected.  X-Flex at this time does not have any sq ft restrictions into which it can’t protect but will have to be specified by blast proof engineers in which LCG Safeguard has available.


NOTE:  This is assuming clean walls in which there is no mechanicals or any extra penetrations, each case will have to be reviewed before giving fixed price. 

Furthermore, it is LCG Safeguards understanding that per the 2005 oil industry incidents that many companies are following CSB recommendations to build and move the Control Rooms, Maintenance, Engineer buildings  to a secondary location in which prevents the employees and equipment from direct contact with any said such destructive events.  LCG would like the opportunity to develop an engineer assessment to install this product in the existing control rooms in accordance with these said “recommendations” to help alleviate this larger expense of building a new facility.


Please visit our website for a short but extremely interesting video showing our product at work at and you can also contact us at (678)455-0464.




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