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Refinery 101

Do Not Snooze that Console Alarm

Nov 28, 2016

By Ralph Laurel

How to not let nuisance alarms desensitize your alarm awareness.

Naphtha Hydroprocessing 101

Sep 26, 2016

By Junaid Shah

Introductory basics of refinery naphtha hydroprocessing.

Are Refinery Limits In Your Way?

Aug 29, 2016

By Ralph Laurel

Know your unit operating constraints, then push them...

Pump 101 – The Basics

Aug 08, 2016

By Steve Pagani

An introduction to the various types of pumps found in an oil refinery.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Basics

Mar 21, 2016

By Mahans Thermal Products

Choosing the right design for heat exchanger applications.

Meet Mr. Distillation

Dec 13, 2015

By Ralph Laurel

Most refiners over-emphasize utilization and forget about yields. Many of those who are aware of yields tend to focus on conversion, but not distillation. In the end, separation quality is an important area of oil refining that many neglect.

Sulfur Recovery 101 via Claus Equilibrium

Nov 15, 2015

By Reactor Resources

Overview of how refineries complete the sulfur recovery process.

10 Effective Pump Troubleshooting Tips

Nov 02, 2015

By Jeff Vollmer at Engineering & Inspection Services

Practical tips on troubleshooting refinery pump issues.

Top 10 for New Refinery Process Engineers

Dec 01, 2014

By Patrick the Process Engineer

Process Engineering advice for new refinery process engineers.

Advice to New Refinery Process Engineers

Jul 14, 2013

By Patrick the Process Engineer

Congratulations to the new refinery process engineers! Refinerlink has come advice to help you get started.                               
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