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How Pipelines Ship Refinery Products to the Pump

Sep 10, 2018

By Ralph Laurel

Insights on how products flow from an oil refinery to the pump.

Crash Overview of U.S. PADDs and Why They’re Important

Sep 12, 2016

By Market Analyst Dan

A simple overview of the U.S. PADD system and how we can use the data to understand supply chain fundamentals and optimization. 

Quantifying the Jones Act

Feb 02, 2015

By Simon Jacques

Analysis quantifying the costs and implications of the US Jones Act.

Crude Rail Economics Depicted by a Refiner

May 11, 2014

By Optimization Specialist Robert

Understanding North American crude rail supply chain economics.

Crude Railcar Safety Standards for Dummies

Apr 27, 2014

By Steve Pagani

A quick summary of crude railcar safety design enhancements for the common folk.

Do You Really Know What’s In Canadian Crude?

Apr 07, 2014

By Ralph Laurel

Canadian qualities differ drastically from what refiners assume. Does your refinery have an adequate assay tracking program to manage these changes?

Cushing Pipeline Update

Jan 19, 2014

By Ralph Laurel

2014 will be an extraordinary year for crude oil movement in the United States with over 2.5 MMBPD coming online. Hold on for the wild ride in the crude oil processing and pricing worlds.      

Crude Pipelines: Arteries of the North American Energy Industry

Jun 11, 2012

By Steve Pagani

There are over 7,000,000 barrels per day of crude oil pipeline capacity in the U.S. Can you connect the dots? 

Simplifying the Global Oil Balance

May 13, 2012

By Market Analyst Dan

Breaking down some of the key drivers behind the oil supply and demand fundamentals for your quick future reference.          
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