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Fuelling People’s Knowledge Through Learning About Refining

By Fuelling Europe's Future

Sep 02, 2012

Educating the public about the uses of oil goes beyond thinking solely of energy. Oil derived products touch our lives in more ways than you can imagine.     


It may come as a surprise to many when they discover that oil is not only used as fuel to power our vehicles or warm our buildings. Oil-based products are all around us, taking many shapes and forms to create products and applications that have become almost indispensable in modern society. 


Used across a wide range of applications from clothing to computers, candles, paints, plastic bottles, fertiliser or medical devices, millions of items can only be manufactured thanks to oil refining.


However, as it often happens to several other products such as food, paper or electronic components, 21st century


consumers rarely stop to think about the production process, where the products come from or how the raw materials are transformed. 


To fill this gap regarding oil-based products, the European Petroleum Industry Association has launched the “Fuelling Europe’s Future” campaign. The goal is to educate people about the oil refining process and its many applications. The campaign’s web portal www.fuellingeuropesfuture.eu looks to answer questions such as how oil is transformed into various products and in where oil is used.


Visitors can easily navigate across videos, charts and interactive animations to learn about the many uses of oil. But this campaign goes further than just trying to teach people about refining. It also looks at the roles of both oil and the refining industry in general to help generate our economy.


Oil transports goods and people around the world, powers machinery in factories, builds roads, cooks our food, protects our crops, and so on... At the same time, the industry creates jobs, generates state revenue and contributes to the existence and prosperity of other related sectors.


By continuously investing in new technologies to obtain cleaner products and reduce emissions, the refining sector is working hard to make sure we can continue to use its valuable products for many years to come.





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