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International Industrial Utilities Conference

By Knowledge Expansion

Mar 24, 2014

The International Industrial Utilities Conference will be the first conference of this type brought to the Middle East. 


As the demand for energy supply grows in the Middle East, with an expected rise in consumption by as much as 114% between 2010-2050 in the Middle East and North Africa alone (source: The National); providers, manufactures and suppliers have an ever increasingly difficult task of ensuring the supply is met and delivered in the most cost effective and sustainable way possible, to ensure supplies are still a commercially viable commodity to consumers and businesses alike.


In meeting these growing demands, companies are under the increasing challenge of maintaining the manufacturing plants and refineries that work to deliver these resources, whether it is through what they manufacture, or whether they are providing energy to the world. The management of the utilities of these plants is therefore critical in that case to ensure performance and process is continually improved and maximized so they can run efficiently and effectively and to continue to deliver and meet market demands.


The three day programme will bring together industry leaders and decision makers who will be discussing ways to optimize performance of the utilities they have on site – to discuss the best ways to re-use power emitted efficiently back into the plants, how machines and equipment are currently being used and how this performance can be improved upon for continued output and to ensure outputs are converted back to power and energy the plants can re-use.


Companies such as petrochemical corporations, manufacturing companies who produce chemicals, fertilizers, plastics and metals, producers and manufacturers of crude oil, natural gas and petroleum products; and power and water technology companies are amongst those will join together to discuss how they are utilizing their resources; how reliable they are and to look at techniques to improve the processes and environmental performance of the utilities.


All of these factors taken into consideration will also look to improve the profitability of industrial processes alongside this. Materials used to monitor utilities, in terms of what equipment is being used and how effectively it is being used will be shared with best practice examples.


More specifically, the agenda will cover on Day 1 Energy Management; including Fuel Gas Optimization, Steam Boilers Optimization and Power Generation, and Water Management/Treatment; including Water Treatment Technologies, Boiler Water Treatment, Water problems in the industry, Efficiency of waste water pumps and Fire Water Flushing systems.


Day 2 will look in detail at Utilities Performance Improvement specifically from a managerial point of view; including environmental impact of utilities management and environmental aspects of industrial utilities, as well reviewing benchmarks, KPI’s and cost optimization. Equipment reliability will also form part of the agenda for this day. The second part of Day 2 will focus on Intelligent Networks and Metering; Air Purification and quality for industrial purposes, condition monitoring systems, meter’s calibrations and smart/intelligent meters.


The final day’s agenda will focus on Uplifting the Utilities Reliability and Availability in terms of Asset Integrity and Performance Management; Equipment Availability, Reliability and Utilization, Load Management and Pipeline Integrity; followed by a review of Cost Optimization, in terms of Operations Cost Optimizations and Utilities Plants Maintenance Optimization


The conference will be attended by members from Sabic, Saudi Aramco, Petrochemical Industries Company, GE Power & Water, Gaptech, GASCO and ADCO amongst others. The conference will take place from 1-3rd April at the Atlantis Hotel, Dubai.


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