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US Crude Export Congress


Mar 20, 2016

Global crude oil flow congress impacts.


Speaking on April 28, EVP Business Development & Strategy at Delek US Holdings Refinery, Daniel Gordon explains how the global crude oil flow will impact U.S. refiners and how government tax credits will offset loss of competitive advantage.



In turn, his talk will help operators, refiners, buyers and sellers alike to:


  • Interpret the scale of impact the refining industry has faced with the influx of global crudes and how are US refineries re-strategizing to maintain margins
  • Understand how will tax incentives will affect U.S. refinery demand and pricing on crude barrels
  • Learn how the global refiner values the US barrel vs. an international barrel
  • Deliver a holistic update on the capacities and location of current and planned refinery projects to scope refiner demand
  • Explore foreseeable capacity constraints to mitigate potential bottlenecks at destinations
  • Analyze the refining yield of the barrel to weigh up the differences between markets



In Addition, U.S. Crude oil producers are set to benefit from Europe's demand for crude. But it's not all black and white. Is exporting to Europe Viable? How much will transatlantic demand for U.S. sweet crude increase by as North Sea production declines? How do European buyers value U.S. crude?



At the U.S. Crude Exports Congress 2016, hear expert guidance, insight and analysis of major global markets, including Europe. In the lead-up to the event, we speak to Italian energy provider Saras S.P.A's Director of Supply & Trading, Marco Schiavetti in an exclusive podcast for the conference in Houston.



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