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Strategic Fuels Blending Management and Technology Seminar

By Offsite Management Systems LLC

Sep 27, 2014

Seminar offering knowledge and increase learning and comprehension of fuel blending systems.


It is becoming difficult for refining industry worldwide to cope with strict fuel quality and emission control requirements and regulations by local and foreign authorities and consumers alike.  Unstable and high crude oil prices add further to their plights. 

Refiners are resorting to methods to conform to low sulphur, low toxic content fuel 

specifications and finding that advanced control, and optimization system in addition to process unit modification and additions is a one of the suitable, workable and economical solutions. 


However, successful implementation of an advanced control and optimization system for gasoline, diesel and fuel oil products requires that both plant operators and engineers alike understand in details the technology and operations of such system available in the market place today. 


The information imparted during the seminar will affirm the existing knowledge and increase learning and comprehension of fuel blending systems, thereby contributing toward efficient and economic management.  The seminar will cover all technical, operational, modeling and economical aspects of fuels blending control and optimization systems.


One of the salient features of this seminar is to discuss the problems of blending operation, if any, in the registrant’s own refinery and receive valuable feedback from the world’s leading blending expert. Attendees are encouraged to take advantage of this session. A questionnaire is given to the registrants to prompt their interaction for this session.


The course will discuss the following 50+ topics of 20-30 minutes covered in 800+ slides.


The course also includes 811+ pages, valued at $260 a free copy of MNL58  Petroleum Refining and Natural Gas Processing Editors:  Riazi M., Eser Semih, Agrawal Suresh, Peño Díez José, Published: 2013.

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Dr. Suresh S.  Agrawal is founder and president of Offsite Management Systems LLC and has developed and installed innovative and technologically advanced automation software products, and integrated solutions for the automation of offsite operations of Chemical, Oil and Gas (COG) Industries. 


Dr. Agrawal has 25+ years of experience at senior positions with companies, including being Director of Refinery Offsite Operations at ABB Industrial Systems Inc., Houston, TX.  He has also worked with reputable companies such as 3X Corporation, New Jersey and Exxon Corporation, New Jersey.  Dr. Agrawal has successfully managed many advanced offsite refinery control projects in numerous countries. 


He has a doctorate degree (Ph.D.) in Chemical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T.), Mumbai, India.  He has published more than 30 technical papers in the area of advanced control of refinery onsite / offsite operations.


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