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What to Consider when Aiming for an Excellent Shutdown

By Praxis-Global

May 27, 2014

Bringing industry experts to explore new solutions to Shutdown & Turnaround issues.


The downstream sector of the oil and gas industry is eager to reach wide turnaround and shutdown excellence. The focal point of this powerful community is to improve their turnaround performance through all imperative phases of planning, preparing and executing the best in class shutdown and turnaround projects.


“The main objective of these complex undertakings entails effective definition and completion of the scope of work, careful selection of capable contractor, high quality of risk assessment and execution of the scheduled work on time and on budget,” says Husain Shahrani of SABIC –Sharq, the current Chairman of Shutdown & Turnaround workshop.


It is becoming more and more imperative for Shutdown and Turnaround professionals to be able to learn about the market approach and effective planning and scheduling strategies, and to detect troubleshooting through reliability-centered and predictive maintenance towards tackling unplanned shutdowns. It is also important to understand key factors leading to unplanned shutdowns resulting from unsafe weather conditions, as well as learn about generating risk register towards removing/mitigating risks.


Praxis Global Research is bringing industry experts to explore new solutions to Shutdown & Turnaround issues. The Shutdown & Turnaround workshop will bring best live practices through case studies and key presentations with focus on the following key topics:


  • Turnaround maintenance and maintenance management
  • Establishing the foundation for successful turnarounds
  • Cost control and estimation
  • Planning, scheduling and scope control
  • Best practices for shutdown contractor selection and management
  • Turnaround performance analysis
  • Avoiding unplanned outages
  • HSE and risk management



The workshop will be held on 02 – 04 June 2014 at Abu Dhabi, UAE.


Visit here for more details.




Media Contact: Jona Argel

Email: praxis@praxis-global.com

Website: http://praxis-global.com/







Praxis Global Research is dedicated to serving the needs of oil and gas professionals through a range of platforms and events addressing technical, career and training issues. By bringing together leading industry thinkers and practitioners, Praxis Global Research aims to share knowledge, build communities and create networks across the industry worldwide. Praxis Global Research supports the Oil and Gas Industry in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe with its headquarters in Dubai, UAE; while the office in Panama partners with the Oil and Gas Industry in Canada, USA and Latin America.

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