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Outsmarting the Oil Market

By Conference Connection

Sep 30, 2019

Learn how to efficiently source, process, correlate and apply Mission-Critical Information to make intelligent strategic decisions in today’s fast-moving oil markets.


Singapore, 4-5 December 2019



About the Courses


Conference Connection is launching a new course to turn information overload in the oil markets into actionable intelligence. This is the first-of-its kind training course designed by two oil and information industry veterans to arm you with practical strategies to extract key signals from information, and staying on top of shifting oil market dynamics and sentiment.


Modern oil markets are increasingly complex and volatile. Streaming digits and firehoses of data across multiple platforms in real-time translated by algorithms, charts and advanced software programs – all these test the capacities of individuals and organizations to execute successful trades and formulate sound business strategies.


The course's objective is to cultivate agile, responsive and pragmatic mindsets in coping with dynamic oil prices and markets. These hardlearned, experience-based lessons are fully adaptable and meant to stick.



10 Learning Key Highlights


  1. Identify, process, share and act on Mission-Critical Information affecting your bottom line
  2. Understand how to optimise the value and benefit of information in commercial organisations
  3. Ask the right questions to establish context and extract signal from noise
  4. Connect the dots between fundamentals, geopolitics and economics to frame the big picture
  5. Go beyond headlines, reports and statistics to develop unique market insights
  6. Appreciate the diverse, irrational factors influencing markets; familiar phenomena versus black swan events
  7. Dive into the process of price discovery and learn to read overt and covert market signals
  8. Study the changing roles of key market players – OPEC, majors, NOCs, funds, regulators
  9. Apply key market signals and price trends to forward predictions and forecasts
  10. Formulate concise strategies that can adapt to dynamic market conditions, write lucid market reports



Who should attend?


All industry professionals aspiring to have a deeper & more focused understanding of oil markets:


  • Directors / Senior & Middle Managers
  • Crude & Refined Products Traders
  • Supply / Operations / Pricing / Risk Managers
  • Corporate & Strategic Planning Managers
  • Sales / Marketing / Commercial Managers
  • Procurement / Purchasing Managers
  • Finance / Revenue Managers
  • Energy Analysts (Market, Credit, Business, Financial, Geopolitical)
  • Investment Analysts
  • Pricing Specialists / Forecasters
  • Front, Middle and Back Office



Who are the Course Directors?


John T. Driscoll, Chief Strategist, JTD Energy Services Pte Ltd


In his 40-year career, John Driscoll held senior management positions in oil producing, refining, trading, price reporting and consulting firms based in the US and Singapore including Maxus, Ultramar, Mobil Singapore, Argus Media and GS Caltex. A naturalised Singaporean citizen and resident of the Republic since 1985, John launched one successful trading operation in San Francisco and three in Singapore. He has staged over 30 training programs for business and academic clients and presented at more than 100 industry conferences, forums, workshops and broadcast media appearances. John holds a B.A. from Stanford University and, since founding JTD Energy Services in 2013, has obtained certifications in Supply Chain Optimisation, Technology and Systems (MIT), Financial Market Analysis and Macroeconomic Management in Resource-Rich Countries (IMF) and Data Analytics (University of Texas).


Vandana Hari, Founder, Vanda Insights


Vandana Hari is Founder & CEO of Vanda Insights, a Singapore-based provider of oil markets macro-analysis. She has 25 years of experience providing intelligence on the global energy markets to stakeholders in the industry and related sectors, policy-makers, and wealth managers. Vandana has served in various leadership roles at S&P Global Platts, a leading information-provider on global energy commodity markets. She has managed news and price reporting operations, research and analysis, business strategy and execution, and external stakeholder engagements at the company. She was a trainer for Platts’ immersive Market Reporting 101 program for new hires in Singapore. She pioneered training on news reporting, editing and libel laws in her early years with the company. Vandana has a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from India’s MD University and Post-Graduate Diplomas in Communication and Social Journalism. She is regularly quoted in business press around the world and pens a monthly column for the Nikkei Asian Review. Vandana is a regular commentator on international radio and TV networks including Bloomberg, CNBC, BBC, and Singapore’s Channel News Asia.

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