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Open House at Irving Oil !

By Simon Jacques

Oct 13, 2014

Snapshot of an Atlantic Coast Canadian Energy Company.


Irving is an industrial leader in primary materials transformation and business services that is achieving consistent and above-average environmental stewardship.

Irving Oil Commercial is a leading energy marketer. Because of their reputation for reliability, they compete in the Canadian and U.S energy products market landscape. It’s one of the rare family-owned business. The heritage from the founders is the full commitment to the business, prudence, investment in their employees and into their communities.


The Port of Saint John, (also called Canaport) is widely considered in the industry to be world-class.

The flagship duties of the M/T Acadian are to transport the energy produced at the Irving Oil Refinery to the Irving Oil Terminals and markets in a timely and safely manner.

Facts about Irving Oil:


                                                     Bouctouche, Credit:


  1. Founded in 1924 by KC Irving in Acadian village of Bouctouche, NB
  2. The Saint John Refinery is Canada’s largest refinery with production rates in excess of 300,000 barrels per day.
  3. It’s an international business, the refinery exports over 80% of its production to the U.S.
  4. They are involved in Canadian and U.S North-Eastern communities they served.


Irving is the regional market leader in processing, transporting and marketing energy products. They are more than energy traders, they are operators of physical assets consistently succeeding in adding value for their stakeholders.


The people of Saint-John are blessed to have in their city a principled organization engaged in creating economic value for the long-term.


Recently, Irving Oil has announced plans to build new physical assets in Saint-John, a new $300-million oil terminal at its Canaport facility in Saint John to export the oil from the Energy East pipeline. Called the Energy East Pipeline, the proposed  pipeline will carry 1.1-million barrels of crude oil per day from Alberta and Saskatchewan to refineries in Eastern Canada.


Another project on the table is the flow reversal of the Maritime and Northeast Pipeline and the conversion of Canaport LNG terminal into an export facility.



Mutual opportunities and challenges


This Saint John-Irving Oil relationship creates mutual opportunities and challenges for the organization and the community. No one is better placed than Irving Oil to fully comprehend these issues.


As operators of physical assets as a family owned business, my theory is that Irving Oil can better appreciate the long-term.


The best way that I could describe Irving Oil:  They want to build and preserve their assets and their people by consistently improving their operational, environmental and safety standards and building long-lasting relationships with the communities they serve.



Open House at Irving !


Recently Irving held the annual open house & neighbour day at Champlain Heights Elementary School in Saint-John. More than a public relations event, it was an occasion for the Irving Oil Refinery to engage with the Saint John community and families.


We had the opportunity to discuss new operational improvements, technologies environmental programs and safety programs. People were also offered tours of the refinery and the event was a total success.








Canaport is one of the busiest tanker port in Canada (Because of Canaport LNG and The Irving Oil Refinery). Irving has a tanker safety record that is second to none.


Ships that transit Canadian waters are required to have a shipboard oil pollution emergency plan, as well as an arrangement with a certified response organization that would respond to a spill on the polluter’s behalf.


In addition, oil handling facilities or anyone who loads and unloads oil and oil products are required to have an oil pollution emergency plan, as well as response equipment on site during the transfer.


Atlantic Emergency Response Team Alert’s Geographic Area of Response



Under the Canada Shipping Act, 2001, The Atlantic Emergency Response Team is a certified Response Organization protecting the waters off the east coast of Canada.


Oil handling facilities and ships calling in Saint John both pay an annual fee to Alert so they maintain the level of preparedness to respond to an emergency. This is also how Alert generates their income.


The Irving Oil Refinery (IOR) is a masterpiece of engineering. People lucky to visit the Refinery and IOC terminals will tell you that for safety, efficiency, and environment the bar is set higher than industry peers.


A necessary conclusion of the Open House is that you have people working together at Irving each day to ensure safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible operations.


The message is two-fold:


  • First, Irving Oil is here to stay in Canadian/U.S Energy Landscape, you will hear about this organization in the future.
  • Secondly, the Irving Oil Refinery takes community and environmental responsibilities seriously. If you have any questions or any concerns.




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