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NGL Feedstocks and Derivatives 2016

By American Business Conferences

Jan 18, 2016

Understanding global supply and demand dynamics for ethane, naphtha, propane and butane.


BP, Phillips 66, Badlands NGL’s, Dow Chemical, Braskem & Other Key NGL Stakeholders Discuss The Global Competitiveness Of Different NGL Feedstocks


NGL Feedstocks And Derivatives: Global Supply & Demand Dynamics Congress 2016, taking place in Houston on February 23-24, will deliver more than 18 global petrochemical and NGL producer presentations comprising of many international perspectives from NGL supply & demand experts in the US, India, China, Europe and Latin America, with the focus to quantify current ethane rejection volumes and the global impact of the rising competitiveness of naphtha.


Gain direct insight knowledge from European, Asian and American petrochemical companies about:


  • What are the cost breakdowns for cracking ethane vs naphtha vs propane vs butane?
  • Where are the most global lucrative markets for each of these feedstocks, both inside and outside the US, with a particular focus in China, India, Brazil and Europe?
  • What are the cost implications of logistics of ethane vs. naphtha vs propane vs butane?


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