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Minimize Risks Of Unplanned Shutdowns

By Praxis Global Research

Sep 01, 2014

Plant Maintenance and Reliability workshop offered by Praxis-Global. 


With the increasing global demand for energy from oil and gas, stress is being placed on processing plants to boost daily production. Therefore, maintenance and reliability becomes a very important concern for NOCs and IOCs to operate their plants at maximum capacity.


A reliable plant needs continuous maintenance for smooth and continuous operations. With well planned maintenance strategies, plants will be able to minimize the risk of unplanned shutdown which can result in huge losses.


It is becoming more and more imperative for the maintenance and reliability experts to continuously work on new technologies and solutions and to bring them into practice for smooth operations, efficient production and in turn revenue generation.


Praxis Global Research is bringing industry experts, operators and the solution providers to discuss the industry challenges and come up with the outputs for better maintenance and reliable plants. The Plant Maintenance and Reliability workshop will bring best live practices through case studies and presentations with focus on the following key topics:


  • Key performance indicators for best in class maintenance
  • Design for Integrity-RCM & RBI, RAM requirements and their impact on design and facility reliability
  • Differences between RCM-I, RCM-II and MSG-3 types of reliability centered maintenance
  • Asset integrity management and proactive measures in restricting equipment corrosion
  • Rotating equipment new technology development and maintenance strategies
  • Critical issues in three phases of turnarounds-planning & logistics, shutdown & execution and start-up & evaluation
  • Real-time health monitoring of machinery and online operation risk evaluation



The workshop will be held on 20-22 October 2014 at Istanbul, Turkey. Visit Here for more details.




Praxis Global Research is dedicated to serving the needs of oil and gas professionals through a range of platforms and events addressing technical, career and training issues. By bringing together leading industry thinkers and practitioners, Praxis Global Research aims to share knowledge, build communities and create networks across the industry worldwide.


Praxis Global Research supports the Oil and Gas Industry in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe with its headquarters in Dubai, UAE; while the office in Panama partners with the Oil and Gas Industry in Canada, USA and Latin America.


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