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Integrating Capital Projects and Turnarounds Whitepaper 2016

By Petrochemical Update

Jan 24, 2016

Interviews with industry experts on integrating capital projects and turnarounds.



Capital project work as a percent of turnaround work has grown from just 2% in 2006 to nearly 25% in 2014, according to Bobby Vichich, vice president of turnaround and project management consultancy AP Networks. Lack of effective project-turnaround integration between capital project teams and turnaround teams is often cited as the top reason for turnaround failures.


With the next 3-5 years expected to see a high number of shutdowns, turnarounds and outages at petrochemical plants & refineries in the US, this white paper features insight from seasoned turnaround managers, maintenance teams, capital managers and industry consultants in North America to highlight the key strategies and latest lessons learned which have significantly improved their turnaround and capital project integration programs, with a focus on:


  • Effective scheduling, planning, cost allocation, and operations & maintenance (O&M) when integrating capital projects with shutdowns/turnarounds;
  • Communication and leadership strategies from leading integrated projects and turnarounds;
  • Technology and game changers to help teams with scheduling, design and budgets.


Featuring in-depth interviews with industry experts including:


  • Chris Vaughn, Maintenance Team Leader and Turnaround Leader at DuPont
  • Rich Verwegen, Turnaround Team Leader. Maintenance Services at Nova Chemical
  • Nikki Bishop, Director Global Turnaround Program at Emerson Process Management
  • Vice President Turnaround Consulting Services, AP Networks
  • Brent Langley, Senior Consultant at Oracle
  • Bobby Singh, President, Project Assurance



Click here to download the full complimentary whitepaper.


I hope you enjoy the whitepaper!



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