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International Oil Trading (IOT): Physical & Paper

By Conference Connection

Jul 02, 2019

3-day training course for the Fundamental Principles of Oil Trading.


International Oil Trading (IOT): Physical & Paper

27 – 29 Aug 2019, Singapore


A 3-day training course for the Fundamental Principles of Oil Trading


Latest brochure and course outline available here


Trading profits are uncertain because of fluctuating market conditions and price variability. This 3-day oil trading course will enable delegates to learn the fundamentals of oil trading and use financial instruments such as futures, swaps & options, to gain greater price predictability & keep expenditures in line with income flows.


Designed for anyone in the oil industry who needs an understanding of the role of trading (physical & paper) and price risk management. With practical aspects conducted in a predominantly workshop environment, delegates will work in small groups on frequent case studies to develop an understanding of trading practices and risk.



Course Agenda Highlights


  • Write a contract for the purchase and sale of crude oil and refined products
  • Identify price exposure and how to hedge it
  • Use swaps and futures to practise basic hedging techniques
  • Trade futures and swaps
  • Negotiate cost and compare physical and paper deals
  • Calculate the freight and the costs
  • Identify and manage the risks in physical oil trading
  • Compare and calculate the profitability of deals
  • Identify corporate and legal issues in physical and paper deals



Your Course Directors


Daniel Carr & Sally Clubley, both Oil Consultants, have run internationally, courses and modules on oil trading and price risk management. Daniel was a founding director of International Petroleum Exchange (now ICE), Vice President of International Affairs at the New York Mercantile Exchange and director of ED&F Man’s Oil broking business in London & New York. Sally is the author of Trading in Oil Futures and Options and has contributed to various books and journals in the energy & derivative fields. Previously on the board of the International Petroleum Exchange, she is the managing partner of Arktauros, a consultancy company specializing in price risk management in the energy industry.



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