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International Oil Trading: Physical & Paper (IOT)

By Conference Connection

Jul 05, 2018

3-day training course for the Fundamental Principles of Oil Trading


International Oil Trading: Physical & Paper (IOT), 28-30 August

Hotel Jen Tanglin, Singapore

Latest brochure and course outline now available


Identify the need for price risk management and learn to choose the appropriate financial instruments to match your financial objectives.


Because of fluctuating market conditions and price variability, implementing a hedging strategy to balance-off price risks is key to maintaining profitability. Attend this comprehensive 3-day oil trading course on PHYSICAL & PAPER to identifying the risks in physical oil trading and learn how to use the most appropriate financial instruments in the form of derivatives, futures, swaps & options, to match the company’s financial objectives in line with its risk management strategy.


Forum Agenda Highlights include:

  • The role of international oil trading
  • How to structure and negotiate a physical oil deal
  • Determining and managing the risks of a deal
  • Measuring price exposure and how to hedge
  • Using swaps & futures and other trading techniques
  • Comparing deals and calculating profitability


Course Methodology

The course will be conducted with practical aspects in a predominantly workshop environment, working in small groups, on frequent case studies, to develop an understanding of trading practices and risk. Wherever possible, real oil market prices and live market conditions will be used in case studies.


Your Course Directors

Daniel Carr & Sally Clubley, both Oil Consultants, have run internationally, courses and modules on oil trading and price risk management. Daniel was a founding director of International Petroleum Exchange (now ICE), Vice President of International Affairs at the New York Mercantile Exchange and director of ED&F Man’s Oil broking business in London & New York.

Sally is author of Trading in Oil Futures and Options and has contributed to various books and journals in the energy & derivative fields. Previously on the board of the International Petroleum Exchange, she is the managing partner of Arktauros, a consultancy company specializing in price risk management in the energy industry.



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