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Completing Shutdowns on Time and Within Budget

By Praxis Global Research

Nov 16, 2014

A conference devoted to executing turnarounds on time, within budget and injury free.


When turnarounds are delayed or unplanned, shutdowns occur.  They can cost the company millions in lost production and increased costs for labor, tools and heavy equipment. Effective planning, timely execution and a safety-first culture are keys in ensuring the success of any shutdown or turnaround.


A good plan will complete the project on time; while an “exceptional” plan will complete the project on time, within budget and with zero workplace injuries.  Which of these options do you prefer? 


Here’s the reality, major refinery units are only shut down approximately once every 5 years; which means 5 years-worth of maintenance work and thousands of tasks must be carefully coordinated and executed in the shortest timeframe possible to avoid major losses.  In order to meet this demand, companies must bring in contractors, resulting in as much triple the amount of onsite workers, further adding to the complexity and safety concerns during these events and creating an even larger liability.


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With a massive number of workers in unfamiliar territory, performing unfamiliar tasks and under extremely stressful deadlines makes the potential for accidents significant. Sherman Glass Jr., retired President of Exxon Mobil Refining & Supply Company said, “While we operate in the start-up and shutdown mode less than 5% of the time, almost 40% of incidents occur during these take-off and landing periods.” 


Leading international refinery operators are successful because they understand that strong safety performance is essential to quick turnarounds.  By providing workers with adequate time and limited pressure, potentially dangerous shortcuts and mistakes can be avoided resulting in quicker and safer turnaround.  Workers must be highly trained and empowered to make quick decisions with the authority to stop operations when it becomes too risky to continue.  Encouraging a culture that believes “the safe way is the only way” is a big step and will lead to fewer workplace incidents and decrease the length of turnarounds. 


The 2014 Shutdown and Turnaround 4th Global Praxis Interactive Technology Workshop, to be held from November 24th to 26th in Panamá City, Panamá, will address these challenges through real-life case studies, interactive discussion groups and brainstorming sessions.  Learn from top international experts the best practices for effective planning, improving execution and results of turnarounds and the benefits of being a safety-first culture.  In addition, this workshop represents a tremendous opportunity to network and create long-lasting business relationships with your industry peers.





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