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Learn how to profit, make, and optimize blending formulas

By Conference Connection

Jul 28, 2019

Fuels blending course focused on 2020 bunker fuels, gasoline and diesel blending.



Everything you wanted to know about IMO 2020 but were afraid to ask.

* Singapore, 7-8 November 2019 | www.cconnection.org/events/bfb_singapore




* Singapore, 11-13 November 2019 | www.cconnection.org/events/gdb_singapore



About the Courses


These are the best dollars you’ll ever spend on a practical, hands-on course with take-home blending software.   Ara’s course synthesizes 40 years of blending experience working with Exxon and other multinationals in developing and using cutting edge fuels blending techniques around the world.

How to calculate blend profitability? How to estimate blend component prices? How to exploit profitability of calculating non-linear properties? How to use property measurement precision for dispute resolution? How to compare ISO8217 specifications with new 2020 global S bunker specs? How to use ethanol and biodiesel profitability?


You get answers in this course designed for gasoline/bunker traders, fuel oil/products traders & operators, blending personnel, blending/fuel engineers, schedulers, senior operators, product coordinators, refinery planners, testing lab personnel, bunkering controllers, cargo inspectors/surveyors and fuels marketers.


Course Highlights for 2020-Compliant Bunker Fuel Blending


  • Compatibility, stability, prices, availability, sourcing, tank management, and scrubbers
  • Blend components for making 0.5%S bunkers
  • Low sulfur blend component properties
  • Valuation/pricing of low sulfur blend components
  • Sourcing of blend components for making 0.5%S bunkers (USA, W Africa, EU/ARA, Singapore)
  • Calculation of price and profitability of ULSFO recipes
  • Scrubbers, Yes or No: Calculating, Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) ROI
  • Typical ULSFO recipes: USA, Gulf Coast, Europe/ARA and Mediterranean, Middle East and Fujairah, Singapore)
  • New blend compatibility prediction formulas
  • Hundreds of references: specs, price bulletins, blend component data base, list of world oil refiners, other blending information sources


TAKE HOME! 500+ pages Bunker Fuel Blending Handbook, 15+ blending programs & exercises, bunker blending optimizer program (demo), blending components data base, specs for marine bunker and gasoil, and more.



Course Highlights for Gasoline and Diesel Blending


  • Review specs around the world: APA (Singapore, Dubai, Saudi), EU, USA, Latin America, etc.
  • Determine what blend components you should buy and use for specific grades
  • Assess pricing of each component relative to market and future trends
  • Evaluation of blend components for best profits
  • Optimize blend recipe formula for maximum profitability
  • Ethanol blending and impact on properties
  • BioDiesel (FAME) and Renewable Diesel Properties and Blending
  • Measuring environment compliance
  • Hundreds of references: specs, price bulletins, blend component data base, list of world oil refiners, other blending information sources.


TAKE HOME! 800+ pages Gasoline & Diesel Blending Handbook, 30+ blending programs & exercises, gasoline & diesel blending optimizer program (demo), blending components data base, gasoline & diesel specifications catalogs, and more.



Courses include on-site laboratory visits


The course will also be enhanced by a Laboratory visit to witness fuel tests, such as octane, density, viscosity, and compatibility of fuels, and see the typical equipment used, such as octane and cetane engines, sulfur analyzers, gas chromatographs, and viscometers.



Who is the Course Director?


Ara Barsamian is currently President and Chief Executive Officer of Refinery Automation Institute, LLC. A fuels blending automation consulting firm, Refinery Automation Institute specializes in the profitable growth, development, and implementation of blending operations and technology.


Previously, he served as the group head of Exxon Research and Engineering Company where he designed, implemented, started up, and commissioned over 20 blending and oil movement systems across the United States, Europe, South America, the Middle East, and Asia.


In 1985, he formed 3X Corporation, which was later acquired by ABB, building on his 40+ years of experience in over 60 blending automation and optimization projects.


Ara is a member of ASTM, AIChE, ISA, and IBIA. He graduated from the City University of New York with a B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering.

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