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Argus DeWitt Asian Aromatics 2014 Conference

By Argus DeWitt

Jun 29, 2014

Sharing the latest developments and trends in Asia’s aromatics sector. 


Argus DeWitt is organising the forthcoming Argus DeWitt Asian Aromatics 2014 being held at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Singapore during 20-21 August. It is a sequel to last year’s inaugural event that ended with rewarding results. The primary focus of the conference this year is mainly on 2013 ending with stellar returns in the aromatics sector, but 2014 promising an upheaval with large-scale new supply capacity coming on line and a potential slowdown in demand growth.


PX producers have been struggling to contain spiralling production losses on the back of lofty MX and naphtha costs. Older and less efficient PX production units are gradually being rationalised. With nearly 6mn t/yr of new PX capacity expected within the second half of the year, what other units will need to shut to make way for these new volumes of fibre intermediate feedstocks? How will the Asian PX market react to a structurally long sector?


Asia’s benzene oversupply is to rise sharply in 2014 with a slew of PX start-ups in South Korea and Singapore. China, which emerged as a major importer in 2013, looks to be languishing from its economic slowdown and this may tip the benzene balance further for this region. The US is also emerging as a critical market for Asian exporters, especially as supply dynamics shift with its shale-based economics.


South Korea’s position as the largest toluene exporter in Asia is due to shift from the second half of 2014 as large portions of supply capacity get diverted for PX production. But expectations of a price rally in Asia from this supply shortfall may be offset by sluggish demand from China and other parts of the region.


Speakers at the conference will share key insights on the impact of new capacity start-ups in Asia-Pacific and the Mideast Gulf, refinery rationalisation in Europe, moderation of Chinese demand growth on aromatics margins and prices, global trade flows and the outlook for benzene, paraxylene, toluene, styrene and derivative markets. The conference also takes an in-depth look at the outlook for feedstocks like condensate and naphtha, as well as the effect on aromatics production and trade.



Why Attend?


  • Discuss the latest developments and trends in Asia’s aromatics sector, from changes in demand fundamentals, capacity growth globally to the impact of shale and lighter feedstocks in the US.
  • Receive updates and market changes over the year from our comprehensive list of industry speakers.
  • Meet and interact with representatives from more than 50 companies. Networking opportunities complimented by speed networking session and cocktail reception in a lush setting.
  • Benefit from post-conference documentation. Presentations made by speakers will be compiled and sent to each and every participant.

Why Speak?


  • The conference provides a content-rich experience from market leaders that have first-hand knowledge of the aromatics sector like you.
  • Receive updates and market changes over the year from our comprehensive list of industry speakers.
  • Speaking at the conference allows you to expand your network by meeting the conference attendees and making them aware of your brand.


Why Sponsor?


  • Being a sponsor/exhibitor at Argus DeWitt Asian Aromatics 2014 will give your company maximum branding opportunities, as conference materials and advertisements reach out to more than 4,000 industry participants worldwide.
  • Packages are created with maximum exposure in mind and in a way that familiarises your company to all attendees and beyond.
  • Receive updates and market changes over the year from our comprehensive list of industry speakers.


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