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This Senior Process Control Engineering position is responsible for Complex Control and APC performance monitoring and improvement at Convent.  The Senior Process Control Engineer also provides support to the Run and Maintain Control Systems Engineers related to base layer control, mentoring on process control concepts, methods, and best practices.  This Senior PCE is not directly assigned to a module, and will be focused on opportunities in both the West production module and the East production module.  

Convent's APC Platform is AspenTech DMC3.

  • The PCE is primarily responsible for margin improvement initiative generation and implementation.  This role is supported in developing the knowledge and interfaces to achieve that objective.  This can also be accomplished through controls that improve unit reliability and stability.
  • Where applicable, the PCE is responsible for becoming intimately familiar with the unit process, and therefore understanding the process objectives of the implemented base-layer controls and APC. 
  • The role is not a CSE for a production module, and although the PCE can serve as the CSE backfill, the PCE does not fundamentally have the typical CSE work process responsibilities (e.g. MOC, RCM)
  • The PCE is primarily focused on long-term improvement objectives, but will also have responsibilities for run & maintain support. 
  • The PCE will be an essential developer and implementer of production team initiatives aimed at generating step changes in unit/module/refinery performance.  The PCE will also be accountable for working with the CSE and unit Instrument Inspector to ensure that base-layer control, complex control, and advanced process control performance is maximized. 
  • The PCE is responsible for identifying and assisting the CSE in implementing changes that improve the console operators’ ability to run the unit effectively. 
  • The PCE will work with other members of the PACO department to enhance the advanced control strategy, as well as understanding corporate process control requirements to ensure compliance.

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Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies with over 90,000 employees in more than 70 countries and territories. In the US, we have operated for over a century and are a major oil and gas producer onshore and in the Gulf of Mexico, a recognized innovator in exploration and production technology, and a leading manufacturer and marketer of fuels, natural gas and petrochemicals. We deliver energy responsibly; operate safely with respect to our neighbours and work to minimize our environmental impact. We are in search of remarkable people who will thrive in a diverse and inclusive work environment to deliver exciting projects locally and globally. People who are passionate about exploring new frontiers. Innovators and pioneers. People with the drive to help shape our future. Because remarkable people achieve remarkable things.

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    May 31, 2018
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