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How Important is Supply Chain in the Oil and Gas Industry?

By Praxis-Global

Apr 21, 2014

Industry experts to explore recent regulations and strategies in the Oil & Gas Interactive Supply Chain Forum. 


The pioneer objective of every oil and gas company is to achieve optimum exploration, production and efficient processing. “Supply Chain is proven to be of an importance as one of the major operations in  the Oil and Gas industry.


It gets more and more crucial for oil and gas companies to manage and oversee their supply chain activities in the most effective manner in order to reduce the cost as well as to enhance and guarantee efficient operations in every stream of oil and gas,” says Taher Salem Saeed, Head of Technical Purchasing (Supply Chain Management Division) in GASCO. Therefore, optimal logistics and supply chain solutions have to be applied in order to keep the supply chain operations smooth and efficient.


Improving supply chain operations for the capital intensive oil and gas industry requires explicit consideration for trade-offs and risks. An effective value chain helps in mitigating the risk, managing the warehouse inventory strategy, monitoring the logistics and transportation, controlling the supply and demand, and ensuring the best procurement strategy by creating short and long term supply chain strategies.


With global operations and transactions on the rise, procurement and supply chain professionals are grappling with the realization of the need to upgrade the infrastructure to handle the level of demand and urgency. Strategies need to be put in place to assess how to assure the delivery and transportation of equipment on time and to avoid being an additional task that requires huge expenditure and cause delays on projects.


Praxis Global Research is bringing industry experts to explore the recent regulations and strategies in Supply Chain in its 2nd edition of the Supply Chain in Oil & Gas Interactive Forum. The forum will bring best live practices with case studies and master classes with the following key topics:


  • Risk Management and Compliance in Supply Chain
  • Supply and Demand Planning
  • Warehouse Inventory Management
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Strategy for Supply Chain
  • Green Purchasing and Procurement Strategies



The forum will be held on 19 – 21 May 2014 at Abu Dhabi, UAE.









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