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The Shore Loading Officer is a member of the shift teams ensuring safe and efficient waterfront / shipping operations by executing the Daily Operating Instructions (DOI) compliant with HSSE, procedures, and processes. 
Key accountabilities:

  • Undertake pre-arrival checks of jetty or wharf equipment;
  • Berth/unberth ship/vessel safety and position according to cargo transfer plan;
  • Use current operating procedures for safe management of ship/shore activities;
  • Perform checks in line with the Ship/Shore Safety Check list;
  • Monitor and maintain all ship-shore interfaces including cargo transfer operations within safe operating limits.
  • Monitor all ship-shore interfaces including cargo transfer operations to confirm that it is being conducted in accordance with guidelines and safety regulations;
  • Monitor environmental conditions and understand the actions to be taken if the integrity of the transfer operation is threatened;
  • Inspect and identify defects with transfer operation equipment (i.e hoses, loading arm etc) at the wharf;
  • Inspect ship/shore access equipment to ensure that it is in good condition and properly rigged;
    Comply with applicable security procedures and access controls;
  • Understand the Emergency Response Procedures for handling emergencies at the Wharf;
  • Apply the procedures detailed in maritime regulations for the safe management of ship/shore activities;
  • Understand the Shell vetting system to confirm the acceptability of a ship or barge to carry a Shell cargo or visit a Shell terminal or wharf facility;
  • Carry out cargo transfer planning with ship/vessel crew efficiently and safely;
  • Comply with the procedures and requirements contained in the Port Information Handbook;
  • Effectively carries out the key communication activities with control room and ship/vessel;
  • Collect samples at different stages of during cargo transfer operations;
  • Operate the auto-sampler and understand the mechanism behind achieving desired quantity and sample distribution during operation;
  • Carry out the calculation relating to oil measurement & accounting such as handling and troubleshooting ship / shore loading difference, application of the Discrepancy Decision Tree Processes etc;
  • Carry out documentation work after completing cargo transfer operations such as Ship-Shore Letter of Protest (LOP) which covers quality, quantity, ship performance, safety & environment incidents etc;
  • Able to carry out Authorised Gas Safety Tester role and perform maintenance activities such as decontamination, gas testing for hot work and confined space work;
  • Able to coordinate and work with contractors for maintenance planning; 

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Shell is one the largest foreign investors in Singapore and began operations in 1891. Today, we have more than 3,200 employees in Singapore alone. The Pulau Bukom Manufacturing Site today is the largest Shell refinery in the world in terms of crude distillation capacity, which makes Singapore a key regional supply and trading centre for Shell in the East. Singapore is the largest petrochemical production and export centre in the Asia Pacific region. Shell Jurong Island (SJI) manufactures petrochemicals to meet the fast-growing demand for these products in the region. We also have one of the largest single-branded retail networks in Singapore, providing customers with a wide range of quality products and services. When you join Shell in Singapore, you can count on our commitment to help you thrive and propel your career by means of our industry-leading development programme and our available and unrivalled pool of local and global experts. Our numerous global and local skill pools as well as our diversity are key to our success and continuing innovation.

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    May 31, 2018
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