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The OTM Coordinator role has responsibilities relating to the field effectiveness of Operator Task Management including support to ensure availability and effectiveness of the use of the Hand Held PC and Vibration Monitoring tools (OTM field surveillance activity tools). An important aspect of this role is education and training of personnel who use these tools.
  • Provide guidance and training to Production members for the use of the HHPC and Vibration monitoring equipment and respond to problems as necessary.
  • Provide primary ownership for the use, repair, tracking of the HHPC and Vibration monitoring equipment.
  • Provide input on consistency guidelines and boundaries for field use of the equipment.
  • Assist with metric tracking and provide recommendations for improvements to Operator Task Management, as well as the RCM work process.
Specific Coordination expectations:
  1. Asset Management – Hardware
  • Performs investigations into cause of any broken field data collectors (HHPC, vibration data units) and manage damage history.
  • Focal person for coordinating troubleshooting regarding OTM equipment damage.
  • Provides centrally coordinated repairs and loaner units to all departments.
  • Maintains asset database for field data collectors (HHPC, vibration data units) and related equipment. (inventory, assignments and maintenance)
  1. Asset Management – Software
  • Assists with coordination and maintenance of the software associated with systems.
  • Ensures appropriate software protocol is incorporated in rounds development
  1. Field Surveillance Assistance
  • Primary focal point for coordinating development of operations surveillance rounds and maintaining databases once established.
  • Assists in field implementation for operations areas.
  • Respond to Operating Departments to resolve problems as they occur (training & coaching).
  • Interface with Operating Departments to foster an understanding and implementation of guidance regarding standard surveillance criteria and promotes “best practices” (existing and new suggestions)
  • Ensures approved tasks are implemented through field surveillance in HHPC.
  • Assist in identifying budgetary needs for the maintenance and expansion of the surveillance systems.
  1. Training
  • Focal person to Interface with Training Department for development of training requirements and ensure all HHPC & Vibration training requirements are met
  • Understands and communicates the established HHPC & Vibration and operations surveillance philosophy to the SuperUsers and Operators.
  • Ensure Team SME’s & Departmental "SuperUsers” are training for higher-level knowledge base for HHPC’s.
Other Administrative expectations
  1. HHPC System:
    • Maintain global (refinery) HHPC system security (with IT assistance) and HHPC configuration data
    • Maintain global (refinery) HHPC Criticality (alarming structure/nomenclature) for HHPC
    • Maintain plant wide User and Asset data into the HHPC database
    • Maintain plant wide Groups, Bases and Roles in HHPC database
    • Maintain global (refinery) Group to Base permissions in HHPC database
    • Maintain global (refinery) Users to Groups for inherited permissions in HHPC database
    • Assign/ maintain global (refinery) Users to Roles for each department in HHPC database
    • Maintain global (refinery) base set of "Item Response Lists" (MRC General) in HHPC database
    • Maintain global (refinery) base set of "Asset Status" options (MRC General) in HHPC database
    • Maintain global (refinery) base set of "Default Notes" by equipment type in HHPC database
    • Maintain global (refinery) unit templates or standard Proactive Monitoring Rounds
    • Monitor and assess overall effectiveness of Proactive Monitoring Rounds and modify as needed.
    • Provide support as needed to department super users (training / coaching)
  2.  Vibration System:
    • Facilitates as a central focal person for purchasing and procurement of vibration monitoring Hardware/Software/Services upgrades or replacements.
    • Maintain global (refinery) Vibration system security and Vibration configuration data
    • Maintain plant wide User and Asset data into the Vibration database
    • Maintain plant wide Roles in Vibration database
    • Maintain global (refinery) permissions in Vibration database
    • Compile periodic Vibration Monitoring Reports to facilitate sample quality improvement
Other role expectations
  1. Perform baseline RCM activities related to the "RCM Living Program" and potential for Unit Refresh Analyses
  2. As needed, assist Reliability Engineers with direct Process Area support by facilitating multi-disciplinary discussion and problem-resolutions

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Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies with over 90,000 employees in more than 70 countries and territories. In the US, we have operated for over a century and are a major oil and gas producer onshore and in the Gulf of Mexico, a recognized innovator in exploration and production technology, and a leading manufacturer and marketer of fuels, natural gas and petrochemicals. We deliver energy responsibly; operate safely with respect to our neighbours and work to minimize our environmental impact. We are in search of remarkable people who will thrive in a diverse and inclusive work environment to deliver exciting projects locally and globally. People who are passionate about exploring new frontiers. Innovators and pioneers. People with the drive to help shape our future. Because remarkable people achieve remarkable things.

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