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28th Annual Middle East Petroleum and Gas Conference

Jan 13, 2020

By Conference Connection

Discuss the new challenges and opportunities in the Gulf oil and gas sector.

Refinery Alkylation Basics

Jan 08, 2020

By Process Pro Eric

Breaking down some reaction fundamentals in Refinery Alkylation.

Maximize Hydrotreater Catalyst Utilization

Jan 08, 2020

By Process Pro Eric

Find the right strategy for utilizing your hydrotreater catalyst activity.

Better Desalting for a More Challenged Refinery

Nov 25, 2019

By Steve Pagani

Desalters provides a very critical service for your refinery, and requires careful monitoring and regular optimization.

Outsmarting the Oil Market

Sep 30, 2019

By Conference Connection

Learn how to efficiently source, process, correlate and apply Mission-Critical Information to make intelligent strategic decisions in today’s fast-moving oil markets.

ELearning Academy for the MCOR of Refinery Offsite Operations

Sep 16, 2019

By Suresh Agrawal and Raven Meyers

Keep on learning on our own will to keep our professional knowledge up-to date.

Become A Rock Star at Your Oil Company

Sep 15, 2019

By Ralph Laurel

8 career accelerating tips from professionals who have thrived in Oil Corporations.

The Friction and Corrosion Relationship

Sep 07, 2019

By Advanced Piping Products

Prevent piping corrosion related to exterior friction wear.

Improving Refinery Fuel Gas Composition

Sep 02, 2019

By Process Pro Eric

Basic principles to optimize refinery fuel gas systems.

Reduce Refinery Energy Consumption with Low Effort Solutions

Aug 17, 2019

By Process Pro Eric

Reducing Refinery EII to remain profitable through all cycles of the refining business. 

Learn how to profit, make, and optimize blending formulas

Jul 28, 2019

By Conference Connection

Fuels blending course focused on 2020 bunker fuels, gasoline and diesel blending.

A Timeline of Crude Oil Trading

Jul 13, 2019

By Simon Jacques

A snapshot of crude trading flow from the perspective of a trading company.
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