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Learn how to profit, make, and optimize blending formulas

Jul 28, 2019

By Conference Connection

Fuels blending course focused on 2020 bunker fuels, gasoline and diesel blending.

A Timeline of Crude Oil Trading

Jul 13, 2019

By Simon Jacques

A snapshot of crude trading flow from the perspective of a trading company.

International Oil Trading (IOT): Physical & Paper

Jul 02, 2019

By Conference Connection

3-day training course for the Fundamental Principles of Oil Trading.

How to Effectively Manage FCC LCO

Jun 24, 2019

By Optimization Specialist Robert

Considerations for managing the most difficult molecule in the refinery.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Basics

Jun 05, 2019

By Mahans Thermal Products

Choosing the right design for heat exchanger applications.

Refining Economics (REFCON) 2019

May 18, 2019

By Conference Connection

Intensive 3-Day Course on the Fundamentals of Refining Economics.

5 Steps to Properly Value Hydrogen at Your Refinery

May 07, 2019

By Optimization Specialist Robert

Hydrogen is one of the most valuable commodities at a refinery, but many do not know how to value it properly.

Optimizing Refinery Propane Production

Apr 29, 2019

By Process Pro Eric

How to extract maximum value from propane production.

Reformer Severity in an Octane Long World

Apr 19, 2019

By Ralph Laurel

Adapting refinery octane balances to changing markets.

Improving Heat Exchanger Monitoring

Mar 16, 2019

By Steve Pagani

Heat exchanger monitoring is critical to reducing operating costs and maximizing refinery yields.

Truly Optimize FCC Gasoline Distillation

Dec 10, 2018

By Optimization Specialist Robert

Leverage cross-functional team-work to tackle optimization variables related to FCC gasoline properties.

Oil Refinery Career Paths for Chemical Engineers

Sep 24, 2018

By Ralph Laurel

An outlay of potential career paths as an oil refiner.
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