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The Follies of Refinery CBT Training

Jul 17, 2018

By Ralph Laurel

How to improve the quality of refinery computer based training.

International Oil Trading: Physical & Paper (IOT)

Jul 05, 2018

By Conference Connection

3-day training course for the Fundamental Principles of Oil Trading

Refining Economics Course

Jul 03, 2018

By Conference Connection

An Intensive 3-Day Course on the Fundamentals of Refining Economics

The Forgotten Areas of an Oil Refinery

Jun 29, 2018

By Steve Pagani

Quick tips on understanding vulnerabilities of an oil refinery.

How Good is Your Refinery Opex Management?

Jun 18, 2018

By Ralph Laurel

Compare your methods of refinery Opex management to others in industry and determine how robust your practices are.

Mitigating Hydroprocessing Reactor Fouling

Apr 23, 2018

By Process Pro Eric

Managing high pressure drops in fixed bed hydroprocessing reactors.

Only Fools Disregard Fuel Oil Blend Optimization

Apr 09, 2018

By Optimization Specialist Robert

Can you afford not to pay attention to fuel oil optimization?

7 Ways to Boost Decanter Performance

Apr 02, 2018

By Jigar Patel

Applications of decanters for oil recovery from sludge.

Freight Trading Lingo Demystified

Feb 21, 2018

By Simon Jacques

Simplifying how oil traders make deals on various freight transactions terms.

US Cracker Construction Costs Data 2018

Feb 15, 2018

By Petchem Update

US Ethylene Complex Construction Costs Data Whitepaper

Improving Cat Cracking Process Monitoring

Jan 28, 2018

By Ralph Laurel

Cat Cracking process monitoring is more than just trending the riser temperature. Improving Cat Cracking process monitoring involves understanding and improving the mass, heat, pressure, and yield balances for your Cat Cracker.

Hydrotreater Reactor Sulfiding 101

Nov 27, 2017

By Reactor Resources

An introduction to sulfiding of hydrotreating catalysts.
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